Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey.. I bumped into this video 
called Retaliation..
I liked the intro how cool is she look as a Bimbo leader (Like me)
Like me?? 
Seriously I am a teenager who always fight with boys.. u know.. by hand, feet, brooms, fist.. u know.. kind of cat fight but lil extra harsh u know.. Because maybe I am raised surrounded by brothers which makes me as a Punch Bag lol.. So I get used to strike back.. Not crying like my girl friends did..and I am not a talkative person, mocking nor blabs as a defensive as my girl friend did..
When my friends get bullied, she will ask me to retaliate.. and of course the enemy again.. Boys..!
But Boys.. you know they not like girl fight..girl fight last till the end of the world.. But with boys.. we fight till bleed, then tomorrow like.. yo sup Karim.. (Boy dad's name) and they replied sup bebeh.. the hell? yea.. that is why i love boy.. and some said I looked like a boy.. and that is why I learn make up since Primary school with eyeliner, lipstick, gloss, lash prove that I am a girl..!! Then, Bimbo!!
Predictable, Of course Bimbo has many enemies from girls and teachers.! 
I remember how others unintelligent Bimbo hates me and teachers as well
(cz my appearance)
But when it comes to helping
they will ask me politely.. when I helped, but if it not reach their satisfaction, they will cruelly hating and mocking.
 But what kind of help?
Any school contest they don't know who else talented.. LOL..
But after all.. Bimbo is meant to be a beauty unintelligent female..Luckily I'm in science Class (But what for? I hate science).. But yes I am unintelligent in my emotion and lust.. sigh.. watever..
Just wanna say.. this video is cool.. cz I like the intro with that song and I search the song and I love it..

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yes You Are..