Friday, December 31, 2010

BYe3 2o1o

HeY..! i am c0me Bk 2 saY GuDBYe 2 THs 2o1o..
weLL, maNY THiNGs HaPPeN iN THs veRY YeaRs..
i THiNk THeRe is s0 musH HaPPiNess m0Re THN TeaRs..
THaNk G0D..

N LasT BuT N0T LeasT i'm D0iNG LiceNse cLass D..HuHu

s0 HeRe i'LL Give u ma aNaLYsis PeRceNTaGe B0uT ma LiFe iN THs YeaRs..
caReeR: 50% 0kL0RH
FiNaNce:90% i'm RicH
FRieNDs: 4o% waTeva
Luv:30% s0 s0
aLL iN aLL: 90% i'm sTiLL aLive..
T0TaL: 3o0% kacHiNG..!
THeme: 0RaNGe
waNNa N0e waT ma 2o11 THeme?
D0 u ReaLLY ReaLLY waNNa N0e?

THeN, waiT 4 me 2m0RR0w..!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

ResT iN Peace

RiP 2 ma Luv..

eveN iTs Juz Like a miNuTe wiT u, BuT u BR0uGHT me HaPPiNess wHicH i NeveR FeLT B4..

i Luv u H0NeY..

u LeFT uR FweN aLL aL0Ne..

DiD u N0T PiTY HeR?

u DYiNG 0N ma HaND..

Y DiD u LeFT us?

we G0NNa misH u.............

Monday, December 13, 2010

FamiLies BBQ

L0caTi0N minYak Beku (wHeRe BaTu PaHaT G0T its Name)
kak Pam

Showin' Love

Monday, December 6, 2010

wHaT R D viRTues oF D moNTH oF muHaRRam

PRaise B 2 aLLaH,

D LoRD oF D woRLDs, N Peace N BLessiNGs B uP0N 0uR PR0PHeT muHammaD, D seaL oF D PR0PHeTs N cHieF 0F D messeNGeRs, N uP0N aLL His FamiLY N comPaNi0Ns.
aLLaH’s sacReD moNTH oF muHaRRam is a BLesseD N imP0RTaNT moNTH. it is D 1sT m0NTH oF D HiJRi caLeNDaR N is 1 0F D 4 sacReD moNTHs coNceRNiNG wHicH aLLaH saYs (iNTeRPReTaTioN oF D meaNiNG):

“veRiLY, D NumBeR oF m0NTHs wiT aLLaH is TweLve moNTHs (iN a YeaR), s0 iT was oRDaiNeD BY aLLaH 0N D DaY wHN He cReaTeD D HeaveNs N D eaRTH; 0F em, 4 R sacReD. DaT is D RiTe ReLiGi0N, so wR0NG N0T uRseLves THeReiN…” [aL-TawBaH 9:36]

Showing Love

Friday, November 26, 2010


G0D s0RRY 4 aLL ma siNs..
m0m,DaD, sYs, BR0THeRs i am s0RRY 2..
FweN, s0RRY iF i HaD wR0NG 2 aLL 0F..
N DeaResT me.. i'm s0RRY..

i waNNa B successFuL..
i NeeD 2 B successFuL..
i'm DYiN' 2 B successFuL..
i musT BeiN' successFuL..

s0..PLs..PRaY 4 me...

When I Fell From Heaven

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a BLissFuL eiD uL-aDHa.

"aLLaH is D LiTe oF D HeaveNs
N oF D eaRTH"
(HoLY koRaN 24:35)

maY aLLaH sH0w u D PaTH T0 success THs eiD uL-aDHa..!

Jus Showing Love!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

T0DaY is ma BesDaY..!!!
aT ResTauRaNT DuLaNG kG. BaRu
wiTH ukuk,kak YaNa,kak maLa, kak Fiza,kak JuNe, N kakak
m0Re PicTuRe? cLick THs:
oR THs:
TQ 4 aLL wisHes FR0m ma DeaResT FweN N FmLY..
aPPReciaTe iT musH..!!
Luv u aLL..!!!

Happy Birthday Girl!

Monday, October 18, 2010

15th 0cT..NeYDa BesDaY..!!!!

me N sYieR0 was D 1sT Guess..

Guess waT? we R N0T D 1sT wH0 caN eaT aLL F0oDs..!

BuT 1sT D0iN' aLL sTuFF

Like c0okiNG,make sYRuP waTeR eTc..
BuT BesH waT..!!

TaNx NeYDa N YaT..!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

i am FRee N0w..N0 m0Re HusH, N0 m0Re HaTe, N0 m0Re HuRT, N0 m0Re HiDe, N0 m0Re HiT, N0 m0Re H0Pe, N0 m0Re H0ok..HuuuuuH.....

G0D..! i Luv BeiN' FRee..FRee 2 D0 aLL i waNT..
TaNx G0D..! FiNaLLY..
i caN BReaTH..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ne L0RH HasiL DRi RaYa ke 2..!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

08 sePT 10
G0 2 BaNk 2 excHaNGe cHiLDs  acc0uNT 2 aDuLT..!!
wHiLe waiTiN' 4 D PR0cesseD, me N ma mama c0me 2 TmN B0TaNi J0H0R aT sRi meDaN..
we caPTuRe maNY Pic TiLL weRe asLeeP..!!!
LasTLY..D PR0cesseD weRe uNavaiLaBLe 4 me 2 Take awaY ma New aDuLT aTm cimB caRD..!
waT D..??

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

seLamaT HaRi RaYa maaF zHiR BTiN..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

LasT BBQ wiT DiPL0ma iN c0mPuTeR scieNce BaTcH c0v0807

0N 3oTH auGusT
Buka P0se
maNaGe BY zaiN
aPaRTmeNT's FieLD asiDe Gmi H0sTeL
eveN ma HeLmeT BeeN sT0LeN N ma m0T0R's TYRe BuRsT N iT c0sTs B0uT Rm11o,
Juz 4 meeT Y'aLL, iTs i'm eNJ0YeD iT..!
N uR F0oDs..eRmm..TeRRiFic..!!