Monday, January 24, 2011


i NeeD 2 make a PR0JecT 4 ma FYP (FiNaL YeaR PR0JecT)
me N R0Y iN a GR0uP..
BuT we sTiLL caN'T FiND 0uR TiTLe..! HaRD 2 THiNk...
caN u suGGesT us aNY TiTLe? cz 0uR PR0JecT wiLL B weBsiTe..
s0 2 make a weBsiTe, we NeeD TiTLe..!
TiTLe Like cL0seT, F0oD,w0Rk,eNTeRTaiNmeNT..
waTs iN ma miND N0w, i waNNa make a cL0seT weBsiTe..uNisex cL0seT usiNG 0uR BRaND Name..
H0w's DaT? is iT 0k?
PLs GuYs..i NeeD s0me iDeas N suGGesTi0N.. -__-

0wH..! B4 i'm 4G0TTeN, ma FweN Has c0me 2 kL aT 2o-23/1/11.. D sT0RY? wiLL B ma NexT uPDaTe..s0, PaTieNT..0k..!


Saturday, January 15, 2011


0k..weLL N0w.. i'LL iNTR0Duce u ma LesB0..NGee..
waiT3..DuN B s0 RusHiNGL0RH.. Giv me xPLaiN 1sT..
Yea..TRuLY i'm kiDDiNG..
sHe's Juz ma veRY,T0o,s0,ReaLLY,seRi0usLY,DamNeD,HiGHLY,exTRemeLY,m0sT N suPeR BesT FweN..!!
kau..aLL 0F D v0caB TuRN 0uT..HuHu..
sHe is Tim..
sHe's L0veLY BuT sumTimes BiT cRazY N s0me saiD sHe's BRuTaL..!
BuT u N0e, DeeP iN HeR HeaRT, sHe's sm0oTH N siLkY..Like "miNaH BuNGa" HaHa..
(0uR cLause)
i waNNa sHaRe 0uR sT0RY iN HeRe, cz wH0 kN0ws i'LL GeTTiN' aLzHeimeR..
(miNTak simPaNG NYaH..!)

1sT meT..
2o02.. (DaJaH 6)
sHe's NaDia sHaReeNa's BesFweN..
N i'm siNGLe..HaHa..(Yes i am aNTis0ciaL siNce BaBY)
DaT was 1sT Time i N0e HeR..weRe Juz a FRieND..NeveR TaLk FReQueNTLY..

20o3 (4m 1)
we G0T a same cLass aT ma sec0NDaRY scH0oL..i RememBeR i'm siTTiN' NexT 2 HeR wiT FiFa..aN0THeR BesFweN..eRR..FiFa? LeT's saY ex BesFweN..BuT sHe N us sTiLL 0k i Guess..
u N0e THeY aLwaYs FiGHTiNG eacH 0THeR iN 0RDeR 2 GeT 2 B cL0se wiT me..! 0mG..! uNBeLievaBLe? BeLieve iT..N PLs BeLieve DaT THeY weRe sTiLL N0T 0k TiLL N0w..
 kaH kaH kaH..!!
DaTs a TRue sT0RY..i'm NeveR LYiN' 0k..!
ask em..suReLY THeY wiLL Neva c0nFess..! excuse me..wH0 waNT 2 emBaRass uRseLF?
0k eN0uGH..

2o04(4m 2)
me N Tim sTiLL sTick 2GeTHeR(Tim w0N D FiGHT..! Haaaa) wHiLe FiFa LeFT BeHiND cz weRe N0T aT D same cLass aNYm0Re..
iTs Juz me N Tim..FiFa GeT a New BFF i BLieve iTs TiLL N0w..
siNce DaT, Tim is eveRYTHiN' 4 HeLPeR, ma TeacHeR, ma sum1 i caN LeaN 0NT0 HeR aRms, D 1 wH0 aLwaYs wiPe ma TeaRs, ma GuaRDiaN, ma aNGeL..Yes sHe is..
THeN we aLwaYs D0iN' eveRYTHiNG 2GeDeR..N waT i'm sTiLL caN'T 4GeT is, sHe L0ve 2 Giv me a GiFT..! N wRiTe a LeTTeR TeLLiN' DaT sHe Luv me s0 musH..HeLL0..!
as FweN 0k..!
i aLwaYs GeT a GiFT FR0m HeR wHN sHe's FeeLiNG HaPPY wiT me, wHN i'm suLkiNG wiT HeR N 0F c0uRse ma BesDaY..i'm Juz Gave a GiFT 4 HeR, 0NLY 0N HeR BesDaY..H0w cRueL i am..!
i RememBeR we aLwaYs waLkiNG Bk 2 H0me aFTeR scH0oL..iF iTs RaiNiNG, sHe saiD
 "ace kTe Ne mcm aNak TeRBiaR aN" Hak3..! i caN'T sT0P LauGHiNG wiT HeR siLLY J0ke..
suDDeNLY we R BeiNG accePTeD BY PYza,ezaiNi,FieNa,NaNa N RaJa aFTeR THeY LuviNG 0uR J0ke (i Guess)..iTs sTaRT aT D sek0LaH aGama..BeGiNNiNG wiT, we aLwaYs TaLkiNG wiT THem wiT PuLLiNG 0uR cHaiRs BkwaRD N G0ssiPPiNG N LauGHiNG wiTH0uT PaYiNG aT-1o-Ti0N wiT cikGu N0RmaH aka aP0k Hak3..! wH0 wiLL 4GeT wHN sHe saiD
"LaNGsuNG BiNGuNG"?..HaHak..! N Like usuaL, me N Tim BeiNG wHiPPeD wiT D GiaNT RuLLeR..! kTe NauGHTY aN YuNk..!
u N0e, THeY c0oL.. N i RememBeR 0uR GaNG HaD a Name..wH0 eLse wiLL suGGesT D BesT Name, uNLess me? iTs caLLeD "sweeT 7 TeeN (s7T)" cz we R TeeN N weRe 7..! Juz Like P0weR RaNGeRs wiT DiFFeReNT c0L0uRs wHicH iTs DeTeRmiNe THeiR DiFFeReNT P0weRs, we aLs0 Have eacH 0F 0uR 0wN c0L0uR..!
THs is iT :


eveRY eRR..i'm N0T RememBeR PReciseLY DaT DaTe, we wiLL excHaNGe 0uR w0RDs Like 4GiveNess N sumTiN' eLse 2 sH0wiNG 0uR sisTeRLY L0ve BY makiNG a caRD wiT eacH c0L0uRs 0uRseLF..
N iTs sT0P aFTeR RaJa m0ve 2 aN0THeR sHe wH0 make DaT DaTe sTiLL aLive..wHN sHe's G0Ne, D DaTe aLs0 G0Ne..NGeee..s0kaY -__-

2o06 (4m 4),
u N0e B4 DaT, 4m 1-3 weRe iN cLass B (4TH cLass )
N iTs aNN0uNceD aT D HaLL wiT mic DaT Tim is G0iN' 2 G0 2 D cLass m (1sT cLass)
wH0aa..!! eveRY0Ne suRPRiseD..! N i'm aLs0 PR0uD 0F HeR..
N i'm 2ND cLass ( cLass A)  
N D ResT 0F us sTiLL iN cLass B wHicH we G0NNa misH em musH..! cz me N Tim cLass BL0ck is DamN FaR awaY THN THeiRs..!!!
sHiT HuH..!
N 0uR HaPPiNess? D0wN..
s0, THeRes N0THiNG we caN D0 THN suiT 0uRseLF wiT a New eNviR0NmeNT iN a scHema GLeR cLass..!
aFTeRwaRDs, i'm BeFRieNDeD wiT maRY N cemiLaH..Heee..N Tim wiT amaLiNa N aiN <-(PssT..sHe's D m0sT G0RGe0us iN ma scH0oL)..
N D ResT 0F us(s7T), sTiLL 0k..eveN TH0uGH a BiT awkwaRD..
me N Tim? eveRY0Ne see us Like N0 0THeR THN LesB0..!
TiLL ma FweN saiD wHN sHe's c0miNG 2 ma cLass (0uR cLass Juz NexT D0oR)
 "eLem, Pkwe k0 Da DaTaN"..L0L..!!!!!!!

sPm-> sHe TeacH me maTH m0De..(cz i'm cRYiNG 0veR HeR -TesT aLwaYs FaiLeD-) ResuLT? cReDiT..! TaNx sYG..

20o8 (FiNisHeD scH0oL),
 we HaD s0me misuNDeRsT0oD DaT maDe me HaTe HeR TiLL eveRY eacH 0F HeR Pic N sTuFF sHe Gave me i'D BuRNeD iT..!
weLL D0Ne eLem..! 1 YeaRs i'm HaTiNG HeR.. i Juz NeGLecT aLL 0F HeR msG, cL, N 0THeR aDvices 2 sT0P me FR0m GeT 0uT 0F DaT GaNG..
waT D0 u THiNk? 1 YeaRs wiTH0uT HeR, Peace? exacTLY N0..!! cz sHe's aLwaYs DisaPPeaRs iN ma DReams..iTs Like 9:10 RaTi0 0F ma DReams Have DReameD B0uT HeR..!

 i'm DeciDeD 2 4Give N HeR Like 0k, BuT LiL awkwaRD..

YesTeRDaY, sHe Gave me aN sms TeLLiNG me sHe's cRYiNG cz RememBeReD B0uT me N 0uR mm0Ries..N me wiT ma TeaRs N L0NeLiNess..DaTs Y i'm wRiTiNG B0uT sHe's D 1 FweN wH0 m0sT Luv me,  m0sT uNDeRsTaND me, N N0T PLasTic..

TaNx Tim, u aLwaYs HeRe iN ma HeaRT..Luv u PaL.........

10 YeaRs kN0wiNG u, 9 YeaRs 2GeDeR as BesT FweN 4eva..:)

Best Friends

Thursday, January 13, 2011


sick 0F waiTiNG.. i NeeD s0me HaPPiNess iN ma LiFe..BuT wHN i G0T 1, i'LL cHase iT awaY..Bc0z 0F "B0ReD"..!
HeY eLem..waT exacTLY D0 u waNT?
uR N0T PeRFecT..s0 sT0P seaRcHiNG D PeRFecT 1..!
Yea..mYB sumTimes i L0ok DesPeRaTe..DesPeRaTe? am i?? N0 i'm N0T..!
s0? waT eLse? 
i Juz waNT sum0Ne i L0ve..N0T wH0 Luv me m0Re THN i am..
i DuN caRe 0F waT c0NseQueNces wiLL c0me..
cz wHN i cHasiNG iT N i  G0T iT, THeRe aRe waT we caLL saTisFacTi0N..! 
L0L..sTuPiD? wH0 caRe? 

i RaReLY G0T sum0Ne wH0 Luv me..
s0..i caN simPLY BeiNG me..
BuT wHN i Luv wH0m i waNT, 
i'LL B u N0e..s0RT 0F "HeY? wH0 is DaT? i DuN N0e u..!" (TaLkiNG maseLF iN FR0NT 0F miRR0R)

TaLkiNG B0uT maseLF, D0 u Like 2 c0L0uRiNG uR NaiL?
N0? BuT i D0.. N i'm askiNG 4 TH0se saY Yes..
caN i GeT s0me TiPs 2 make NaiL c0L0uR L0NG LasTiNG?
P/s aPPLY iT DuRiNG meNsTRuaTi0N 0NLY N make suRe u Rem0ve iT weLL..0PeN uR eYes wiDe 0k..!
aFRaiD 0F uNaccePTeD s0LaH..Heeee..

D0 u waNNa N0e Y am i wRiTiNG s0 musH 4 2DaY? THs is Bc0z i'm aT aL-kHawaRizmi LiBRaRY..B0ReD GiLeR DeYH..!
waiTiNG 4 as'aD N cLass N ma FweN..sHe saiD sHe waNNa B0RR0w a B0ok usiNG ma iD.. iF iT HaPPeNs, iT wiLL B ma 1sT B0ok Rec0RDeD as ma Name wH0 B0RR0weD iT iN THs veRY c0LLLeGe's LiBRaRY..! (N0w i'm iN  sem 6) -___-

N Juz N0w i GeT sc0LDeD BY ma sis 0F LeFT HeR FR0m seNDiNG HeR 2 HeR w0RkPLace..
0wH..! i'm s0RRY DeaR.. i'm F0RG0TTeN..BuT i'm w0NDeRiNG H0w caN sHe G0 THeRe? / sHe N0T?
i caN'T ask HeR N RePLY HeR Bk cz N0 cReDiT aT aLL..! Rm0.o0 
s0? s0 sweeT......

sTiLL 1o.27a.m.. waT a L0NG DaY..! waiTiN' 4 1- 3P.m..
waT eLse? sLeePY DeR.. N HuNGRY..
wRiTiNG N0 m0Re..
Peace..BeauTY 4 LiFe..!

Monday, January 10, 2011


cRYiN' aLL NiTe..
iTs Neva eND..
Juz me..
wHeRe? wHeRe R THeY? 
waT kiND 0F DisasTeR DaT HaD BeFaLLeN me?
Y? wHeRe's DaT seReNiTY?
iTs Juz TeaRs.. 

i waNNa H0LD sum0Ne HaND..
waNNa HuG sum0Ne..
waNNa LeaN 0N sum0Ne aRm..
waNNa cRY iN FR0NT 0F sum0Ne..
waNNa Luv sum0Ne..
waNNa FeeL D HaPPiNess wiT sum0Ne..
waNNa TeLL ma PR0Bs 2 sum0Ne..
waNT sum0Ne 2 B PamPeReD wiTH..

0mG.. caN i waiT aNY L0NGeR? 

Never Let You See Me Cry

Saturday, January 1, 2011

HaPPY New YeaR eveRY0Ne..!

i'm Bk.. N0w, i'LL iNTR0Duce u  ma New THeme iN THs 2o11 YeaRs..PuRPLe..!
N0w u caN see me iN ma PuRPLe 0uTFiT, ma PuRPLe GaDGeT, ma PuRPLe T0oLs N waT s0 eva..NGeee..N DiD u N0T see ma PuRPLe BL0G?
N0w, u ask me waT ma New Res0LuTi0Ns? i DuNN0..FR0m 1990 TiLL N0w, i G0T N0Ne aT aLL..! 0THeR THN Juz cHaNGiNG ma c0L0uR THeme eveRY YeaRs L0L..
BuT i Juz N0e i waNNa make eveRY YeaRs wiLL B m0Re meaNiNGFuL N BeTTeR..
DaTs aLL..FuLLsT0P.

c0uNTD0wN NiTe