Sunday, August 14, 2011

FiFTH kHaTam..

7.0o a.m
TaDaRRus N kHaTam aL-QuRaN
seRi meDaN & PaRiT suL0NG aReas
simPaNG TiGa m0sQue 
ma GR0uP LeaD BY ma m0m ReaD Juzu' 12TH
aLHamDuLiLLaH..mY FiFTH kHaTam ;)

sTaRT wiT TaDaRRus eND wiT P0LiTic camPaiGN (UMN0) waT D????
B4 ma eaRs BLeeD; me N ma m0m GeT 0uT FR0m THeRe..
iTs N0T c0oL 2 P0LiTic3 iN m0sQue..!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

aLzHeimeR aGakYe..HaHa..

iTs 4.45 P.m aLReaDY N i'm Juz HuRRY uP 2 GeT Back H0me. waiTiN' ma DaD iN a c0RNeR 0uTsiDe 0F ma 0FFice. 
wHiLe waiTiN',i'D T0ucHeD uP ma Face N HaviNG a cHaT 2 a sTuDeNT in ma woRkPLace wiT ma suPeRvis0R T0o.. THeN ma F0N G0T a misseD caLL FR0m ma BR0.. N i'm Juz saiD GuDBYe 2 'em N GeT 0uT oveR D FeNce..
N "THeRe u R..!" mY BR0 waiTeD 4 me.. BuT He's a LiL BiT FaR awaY FR0m me N i caLLeD Him 2 GeT cL0seR.. 
N DaTs D Time i FeLT uNc0mF0RTaBLe N weiRD.. wiTH0uT L0okiNG aT aNY0Ne, i'm Juz GeT Bk 2 ma 0FFice..
mY BR0 H0NkiNG..QuesTi0NiN' HimseLF.. i useD ma HaNDs 4 waiTiNG siGNs 2 Him. N ma suPeRvis0R N 0THeR TeacHeR saiD, "L0ok, uR FaTHeR c0miNG..!"
i aNsweReD, "N0..! iTs mY BR0" N smiLe.. THeiR eYes sTiLL F0LL0weD me uP 2 D 0FFice.. N DaTs i saiD "i w0Re a wR0NG sH0es" siGH (wHiLe Take 0FF DaT T0iLeT sLiPPeRs, N w0Re ma ReaL HiGH HeeL)..
0NLY ma suPeRvis0R HeaRD DaT N TuRNeD His Face N GRiNNeD.. i BeT He TH0uGHT me cRazY 0R Juz NYaNYuk..(aLzHeimeR) 

Monday, August 8, 2011

New B0RN

1sT AuGusT 2011 = 2 RamaDHaN  1432H
HYe eveRYB0DY..
a New B0RN iN ma FmLY
1sT Niece
FR0m ma 1sT BR0 (mama) N ma sis-iN-Law (kak Pam)
a BiRTH wiT 2.79kG
iTs Niece meYH..! 0F c0uRse iTs GiRL.........

cuTe GLeR..! ace cm Na PiNcH3 HeR cHeek..! uRGHHH..!

Monday, August 1, 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم، الرحمن الرحيم
aLLaH's messeNGeR (saw) saiD, "RamaDHaN, a BLesseD m0NTH, Has c0me 2 u DuRiNG wHicH aLLaH Has maDe iT 0BLiGaT0RY 4 u 2 FasT. iN iT D GaTes oF HeaveN R 0PeNeD, D GaTes 0F aL-JaHim R L0ckeD, aND D ReBeLLi0us DeviLs R cHaiNeD. iN iT aLLaH Has a NiTe wHicH is BeTTeR THaN 1o0o m0NTHs. He wH0 is DePRiveD 0F iTs GuD Has iNDeeD suFFeReD DePRivaTi0N."
aL-TiRmiDHi 1962

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