Saturday, January 15, 2011


0k..weLL N0w.. i'LL iNTR0Duce u ma LesB0..NGee..
waiT3..DuN B s0 RusHiNGL0RH.. Giv me xPLaiN 1sT..
Yea..TRuLY i'm kiDDiNG..
sHe's Juz ma veRY,T0o,s0,ReaLLY,seRi0usLY,DamNeD,HiGHLY,exTRemeLY,m0sT N suPeR BesT FweN..!!
kau..aLL 0F D v0caB TuRN 0uT..HuHu..
sHe is Tim..
sHe's L0veLY BuT sumTimes BiT cRazY N s0me saiD sHe's BRuTaL..!
BuT u N0e, DeeP iN HeR HeaRT, sHe's sm0oTH N siLkY..Like "miNaH BuNGa" HaHa..
(0uR cLause)
i waNNa sHaRe 0uR sT0RY iN HeRe, cz wH0 kN0ws i'LL GeTTiN' aLzHeimeR..
(miNTak simPaNG NYaH..!)

1sT meT..
2o02.. (DaJaH 6)
sHe's NaDia sHaReeNa's BesFweN..
N i'm siNGLe..HaHa..(Yes i am aNTis0ciaL siNce BaBY)
DaT was 1sT Time i N0e HeR..weRe Juz a FRieND..NeveR TaLk FReQueNTLY..

20o3 (4m 1)
we G0T a same cLass aT ma sec0NDaRY scH0oL..i RememBeR i'm siTTiN' NexT 2 HeR wiT FiFa..aN0THeR BesFweN..eRR..FiFa? LeT's saY ex BesFweN..BuT sHe N us sTiLL 0k i Guess..
u N0e THeY aLwaYs FiGHTiNG eacH 0THeR iN 0RDeR 2 GeT 2 B cL0se wiT me..! 0mG..! uNBeLievaBLe? BeLieve iT..N PLs BeLieve DaT THeY weRe sTiLL N0T 0k TiLL N0w..
 kaH kaH kaH..!!
DaTs a TRue sT0RY..i'm NeveR LYiN' 0k..!
ask em..suReLY THeY wiLL Neva c0nFess..! excuse me..wH0 waNT 2 emBaRass uRseLF?
0k eN0uGH..

2o04(4m 2)
me N Tim sTiLL sTick 2GeTHeR(Tim w0N D FiGHT..! Haaaa) wHiLe FiFa LeFT BeHiND cz weRe N0T aT D same cLass aNYm0Re..
iTs Juz me N Tim..FiFa GeT a New BFF i BLieve iTs TiLL N0w..
siNce DaT, Tim is eveRYTHiN' 4 HeLPeR, ma TeacHeR, ma sum1 i caN LeaN 0NT0 HeR aRms, D 1 wH0 aLwaYs wiPe ma TeaRs, ma GuaRDiaN, ma aNGeL..Yes sHe is..
THeN we aLwaYs D0iN' eveRYTHiNG 2GeDeR..N waT i'm sTiLL caN'T 4GeT is, sHe L0ve 2 Giv me a GiFT..! N wRiTe a LeTTeR TeLLiN' DaT sHe Luv me s0 musH..HeLL0..!
as FweN 0k..!
i aLwaYs GeT a GiFT FR0m HeR wHN sHe's FeeLiNG HaPPY wiT me, wHN i'm suLkiNG wiT HeR N 0F c0uRse ma BesDaY..i'm Juz Gave a GiFT 4 HeR, 0NLY 0N HeR BesDaY..H0w cRueL i am..!
i RememBeR we aLwaYs waLkiNG Bk 2 H0me aFTeR scH0oL..iF iTs RaiNiNG, sHe saiD
 "ace kTe Ne mcm aNak TeRBiaR aN" Hak3..! i caN'T sT0P LauGHiNG wiT HeR siLLY J0ke..
suDDeNLY we R BeiNG accePTeD BY PYza,ezaiNi,FieNa,NaNa N RaJa aFTeR THeY LuviNG 0uR J0ke (i Guess)..iTs sTaRT aT D sek0LaH aGama..BeGiNNiNG wiT, we aLwaYs TaLkiNG wiT THem wiT PuLLiNG 0uR cHaiRs BkwaRD N G0ssiPPiNG N LauGHiNG wiTH0uT PaYiNG aT-1o-Ti0N wiT cikGu N0RmaH aka aP0k Hak3..! wH0 wiLL 4GeT wHN sHe saiD
"LaNGsuNG BiNGuNG"?..HaHak..! N Like usuaL, me N Tim BeiNG wHiPPeD wiT D GiaNT RuLLeR..! kTe NauGHTY aN YuNk..!
u N0e, THeY c0oL.. N i RememBeR 0uR GaNG HaD a Name..wH0 eLse wiLL suGGesT D BesT Name, uNLess me? iTs caLLeD "sweeT 7 TeeN (s7T)" cz we R TeeN N weRe 7..! Juz Like P0weR RaNGeRs wiT DiFFeReNT c0L0uRs wHicH iTs DeTeRmiNe THeiR DiFFeReNT P0weRs, we aLs0 Have eacH 0F 0uR 0wN c0L0uR..!
THs is iT :


eveRY eRR..i'm N0T RememBeR PReciseLY DaT DaTe, we wiLL excHaNGe 0uR w0RDs Like 4GiveNess N sumTiN' eLse 2 sH0wiNG 0uR sisTeRLY L0ve BY makiNG a caRD wiT eacH c0L0uRs 0uRseLF..
N iTs sT0P aFTeR RaJa m0ve 2 aN0THeR sHe wH0 make DaT DaTe sTiLL aLive..wHN sHe's G0Ne, D DaTe aLs0 G0Ne..NGeee..s0kaY -__-

2o06 (4m 4),
u N0e B4 DaT, 4m 1-3 weRe iN cLass B (4TH cLass )
N iTs aNN0uNceD aT D HaLL wiT mic DaT Tim is G0iN' 2 G0 2 D cLass m (1sT cLass)
wH0aa..!! eveRY0Ne suRPRiseD..! N i'm aLs0 PR0uD 0F HeR..
N i'm 2ND cLass ( cLass A)  
N D ResT 0F us sTiLL iN cLass B wHicH we G0NNa misH em musH..! cz me N Tim cLass BL0ck is DamN FaR awaY THN THeiRs..!!!
sHiT HuH..!
N 0uR HaPPiNess? D0wN..
s0, THeRes N0THiNG we caN D0 THN suiT 0uRseLF wiT a New eNviR0NmeNT iN a scHema GLeR cLass..!
aFTeRwaRDs, i'm BeFRieNDeD wiT maRY N cemiLaH..Heee..N Tim wiT amaLiNa N aiN <-(PssT..sHe's D m0sT G0RGe0us iN ma scH0oL)..
N D ResT 0F us(s7T), sTiLL 0k..eveN TH0uGH a BiT awkwaRD..
me N Tim? eveRY0Ne see us Like N0 0THeR THN LesB0..!
TiLL ma FweN saiD wHN sHe's c0miNG 2 ma cLass (0uR cLass Juz NexT D0oR)
 "eLem, Pkwe k0 Da DaTaN"..L0L..!!!!!!!

sPm-> sHe TeacH me maTH m0De..(cz i'm cRYiNG 0veR HeR -TesT aLwaYs FaiLeD-) ResuLT? cReDiT..! TaNx sYG..

20o8 (FiNisHeD scH0oL),
 we HaD s0me misuNDeRsT0oD DaT maDe me HaTe HeR TiLL eveRY eacH 0F HeR Pic N sTuFF sHe Gave me i'D BuRNeD iT..!
weLL D0Ne eLem..! 1 YeaRs i'm HaTiNG HeR.. i Juz NeGLecT aLL 0F HeR msG, cL, N 0THeR aDvices 2 sT0P me FR0m GeT 0uT 0F DaT GaNG..
waT D0 u THiNk? 1 YeaRs wiTH0uT HeR, Peace? exacTLY N0..!! cz sHe's aLwaYs DisaPPeaRs iN ma DReams..iTs Like 9:10 RaTi0 0F ma DReams Have DReameD B0uT HeR..!

 i'm DeciDeD 2 4Give N HeR Like 0k, BuT LiL awkwaRD..

YesTeRDaY, sHe Gave me aN sms TeLLiNG me sHe's cRYiNG cz RememBeReD B0uT me N 0uR mm0Ries..N me wiT ma TeaRs N L0NeLiNess..DaTs Y i'm wRiTiNG B0uT sHe's D 1 FweN wH0 m0sT Luv me,  m0sT uNDeRsTaND me, N N0T PLasTic..

TaNx Tim, u aLwaYs HeRe iN ma HeaRT..Luv u PaL.........

10 YeaRs kN0wiNG u, 9 YeaRs 2GeDeR as BesT FweN 4eva..:)

Best Friends


tim said...

tq elem..elem la bff yg pling hargai tim pai skunk..time ksh kt tuhan coz temukn tim ngn elem..dlm idop tim xpna jmp membr bek mcm elem..tq elem,,luv u..

eLimici0us said...

weLc0me N TQ YuNk.. eLem P0m BRsYukuR sBB aD kwN cm Tim.. cme kTe Ja YG seRasi TaT DNia Ne.. TaDe LeN Da..aN..! Luv u 2..

eLimici0us said...

Appear ke disappear..hmmm