Thursday, March 10, 2011


N0w i caN see D maJ0RiTY 0F TeacHeR D0esN'T maTTeR FR0m kiNDeRGaRTeN T0 PR0Fess0R, 0R eveN DRiviNG TeacHeR! aLwaYs TauGHT THeiR suBJecT 2 us Like iTs s0RT 0F 2 HaRD..BuT aT D eND, aFTeR D sTuDeNTs Have weLL uNDeRsT0oD, aPPaReNTLY iTs N0T DaT F@#$%^G HaRD..! Y?
THs is aLwaYs HaPPeNeD 2 me.. Y DuN THeY Juz make iT simPLe s0 DaT we D0 N0T L0ok Like sTuPiD..? RememBeR..!  
we R sTuDeNT, N0T sTuPiD.. 
caN u PLs sTuDY BY uRseLF 2 simPLiFY D waY 0F ReaL TeacHiNG skiLLs B4 u TeacH uR sTuDeNTs..DuN B Like 
"a cRaB TeacHiNG iTs kiD waLkiNG" 
Hak3..! iTs s0uNDs suck..! weLL i'm RiTe.. is iT? iF u N0T TauGHT iT RiTe, u make us DeviaTeD..! 
eRm.. i'm s0RRY iF i'm wR0NG..i'm Juz saiD iTs "maJ0RiTY" N0T aLL.. 4 TH0se FeeLs Like THeY N0T BeL0NG iN "THeiR" TYPe, N i'm saY "Yes", Yes..! c0NGRaTuLaTe 4 aLL 0F u 2 make me G0T aN A 4 uR suBJecT..TaNx TeacHeR..!! (iNcLuDe ma PaReNTs..THeiR D BesT)
0k..! RememBeR me..! DuN DRiNk N DRive, BewaRe 0F D0G