Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 summaRY

Now its summary time..! Well this is my first summary actually cz i'm so busy and this blog is not my type anymore.. LOL..!

s0 YeaH..! i'm gonna short it from:

January - March i've been recruited in a company recommended by my dad..

Office environment and that's my second Spect.. My eyes sore and swollen and that Spect designed for Computer not for dim

June i've been recruited in a Remittance company..
Office environment.. 1 Malaysia Flag Yellow, Blue, Red Lips and White Skin.. aGaGa..
August Eid Celeb.. Grey okek..
Tim timi my BFF Forever made this Kurung..Full Sponsor okek..! Luv her

September my BlackBerry R.I.P 2010-2012 and will never be replaced by anyphone.. but I'm sure I can replace.. so I replace it with
Torchlight okek..kau ade?
October my KPTM's Concovation at PICC Putrajaya
When I walk on stairs, I'm fallen in love.. S**T..!
November make up my BFF.. Syiero's engagements
Congrats dear, hope last til Jannah
and my Khatimul Quran's Graduation.. 
She's my sister, she's graduated too and my mom and dad, graduated as a Sanad's Degree...!
December, resigned and focus for my business (while looking for a job gak..huu)

Beauty Product
Wedding Favor/ Door gift
Cake and Tart
Korean Outfit
Kemeja (T__T)
Make up and accesories for Rent
Dress and Clutch bag for Rent/Sale


Tune Speed, Repair Computer, Laptop

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Ok I'm also wants to congrats my friends who have been called as a Madam, Bum, Fiena and Myza.. and Bum will be a mommy soon.. Pray for her n her baby ya'll..! 

Yeah..That's it..! I will leave you with my 22th Birthday's celebration's video..
See yah..! Salam.. Bye..!