Saturday, January 3, 2015

Terrific Opening 2015

Hye.. From today I wanna chill my mind from over thinking bout future.. 
The more I think, More dull will I be
Alone in this world doesn't mean I will be alone then
Being too frustrated doesn't overcome my probs
Just that we want to make sure what life we want us in..

Being too grown up and boring is ain't me.. But when no one here with me, That's how I be..
A perfectly boring and dull creepy doll

Okay.. Tomorrow.. Gonna Go To Tasik Y..Alone.. To Burn My Calories and Fat..
Hope Towards This Feb, I will be a super Thin as I miss my old Skinny Outfit..
Just Pray that my new workplace will be last till the day I die.. Malas na pkir da..