Thursday, March 10, 2016


This is sad
So sad
I always tryna walk as careful as I can to not bump into her
The Fate was
I must need to face her
The Almighty one has His plan for me
The Satan separate us
and He returned back the bitterness

But can I?
What she have done was too violent to be forgiven
The most weird was
She pretended like nothing happened between us
While I grip my fist tight to hold my anger
She gave me impact that clearly can be seen until now..
Well I am bad
But she the one who made me
You know what kind of person is that?

My brother's fault, I'm the one who get the vengeance
Yes.. But should I hate my bro? No
It's her! It's always her to be put the blame on..
No one know what has she done
That is why I cry
No one know...................... 

and I don't know what she gonna tell anyone about me....................