Sunday, December 18, 2016

I am a Madam Now

Hey I got married!!
May ago.. 
27th May 2016
my Solemnization Day..
and my Reception Day was held on 
10th Sept 2016

Yea I know I know 
I am late
but who care like seriously
I am just got time on now..
so I post it now..
I got a video on my big day
but yeah..
It's ok..I will post it later..
But I knew you already saw my wed day pics.. 
Just go to my FB
and see album Chinta..
and there you go..

My husband's name is 'Arafat Lokman
he is mix Chinese..
Egg Boss(Warisan Kak Midah)
Egg's Supplier
His my boss now..haha
while waiting for my Chentasy Beauty Cutie Bridal and Spa cust.
Hey I do Salon too now!
enough talk
So back to him
He was my ex 
My first Love on 2007..
Yea I know I'm only 17 that day
Still Kalau Jodoh Tak Kemana 
kan sayang..

I Love You..
Don't matter how much number I am for You, You are my first love
and hope I am your Last love..
May this marriage last till Jannah..

Can you predict how our future baby will look like?
argghhh.. pls pray for us..
Wish we had a Soleh and Solehah Son/Daughter
and pray for our business will getting bigger and biggerrrrr!!

ok bye..
here's the pics.. enjoy!

This Pelamin made by me (CBC)
Own Make Up on Solemnization

The moment.. isk isk

Family Husband Sides..(From Left Lil SIL,Me, FIL, Husband, Second SIL)
Khatam Make Up

Pre Wed Make Up

My Family
Reception Make Up

Candy Booth by me

Pelamin by Tim (Mahligai Bridal)

Thursday, March 10, 2016


This is sad
So sad
I always tryna walk as careful as I can to not bump into her
The Fate was
I must need to face her
The Almighty one has His plan for me
The Satan separate us
and He returned back the bitterness

But can I?
What she have done was too violent to be forgiven
The most weird was
She pretended like nothing happened between us
While I grip my fist tight to hold my anger
She gave me impact that clearly can be seen until now..
Well I am bad
But she the one who made me
You know what kind of person is that?

My brother's fault, I'm the one who get the vengeance
Yes.. But should I hate my bro? No
It's her! It's always her to be put the blame on..
No one know what has she done
That is why I cry
No one know...................... 

and I don't know what she gonna tell anyone about me....................

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

-Chentasy Beauty Cutie-


If we wanna talk about experience, I think I got loads of them..


Kuih Raya maker
IT Giatmara
Teller Western Union
Customer Service Telekom Malaysia
Lab Assistant
Draught Woman


Let me introduce you
 -Chentasy Beauty Cutie-

Our Own Bridal Boutique and Spa

Thanks to my lover..
You fulfill my utltimate dream..
Started May 2015
I'm so sorry I am not telling you I'm owned this 9 month ago..
I am too busy..

So where I got it's name?
Chentasy Beauty Cutie
Chenta will be a name of my future daughter LOL
Just Because I like to Fantasize,so
Chenta + Fantasy = Chentasy
Then Beauty atcha I wanna Put Pretty, but I accidentally put Beauty in my Name Card, & I got no chance to correct it.. Sad..
Cutie = Me

Well I don't really think to put any pics of it here... so let's just take a look at my boutique and stuff in my page HERE

Hey.. My Blog.. Isn't it cute? 2016 Theme is WHITE Color.. Hope My Heart as White as "WHITE"

Friday, October 9, 2015



Yeah well that's it
Well living in society is my biggest fear. I felt insecure
It will end up to be a lot of people hate me and vice versa.
Disaster yeah of course because I am a Scorpion one.
IDK. maybe its just me or I've got a negative Aura all over me or they've got jealous on me?
LOL I'm not simply say so to prove I got anything to be jealous with, but it really is because most of them hate me without noticing why.
They just distinguish me out of the league like suddenly!!
Most weird things I've ever happened were once has been isolated a few minute right after we've chat and laughed (no insulting, just polite kinda jokes)!!!!
What if I say I did a wrong deeds? maybe.. but if it nada ?
Despite of being isolated, I just imagined them as an abandoned ember..
ok this is real

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

16-22 Compiled

23-30 ? to be continued..
If I got alive..

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What a demon love

The Sorcerer And The White Snake

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Love Me Like You Do