Monday, March 28, 2011

FRee make uP BY me..!

c0me 0N GiRLs..! iF u waNT 2 FeeL ma HaND T0ucH, D0 c0NTacT me.. aT 0R HeRe .. sTiLL D0es N0T BeLieve iN me? wHeRe ma makeuP samPLe? 0wH.. D0NT w0RRY.. BsiDe i'm N0T cHaRGe aNY NumB YeT.. s0, iF u iNTeResTiNG, Juz cL me, N i'm HeRe 4 u.. mmmuaaaH..! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

saka / BLack maGic / siHR siGNs..

1. Back PaiN wiT N0 Reas0N
2.miGRaiNe/ HeaDacHes, weiRD N wiTH0uT a cLiNicaL Reas0N 
3.Nausea N FeLT Like FuLL sT0macH 4 N0 Reas0N (v0miT,v0miTiNG BL0oD, c0uGHiNG uP BL0oD)
4. PaiN iN D RiBs LeFT/ RiGHT/ HeaRTBuRN
5.PaiN iN D sPiNe 4 N0 Reas0N
6.isTiHaDaH (BL0oD 0uT 4 m0Re THN 15 DaYs)
7. FeLT sumTiN' TRaiL BeHiND
8.LazY 4 D0iN' woRsHiP 2 G0D 
9.aFRaiD 2 visiT D FuNeRaL/ see D c0RPse
10. FReQueNT sH0RTNess 0F BReaTH, esPeciaLLY BY D Time Dusk N N0oN NiTe (cHesT THumPiNG/imPaTieNT)
11. FeeLiNG FeaR wiT N0 Reas0N (FeLT vuLNeRaBLe) 
12.saw a DauNTING sHaD0w/ cReePY 
13. 0FTeN uNc0Nsci0us 4 N0 Reas0N
14. s0uNDs a BeseecHiNG wHisPeR 2 D0 sumTiN' Like DaT is F0RBiDDeN BY G0D (sHiRk xTvTs,eTc)
15. D0uBT B0uT FaiTH
16. 0FTeN TeRRiFYiNG DReam (Dream 0F BaBY, BLack sNake, BLack D0G, veN0m0us aNimaLs)
17. DReameD 0F FaLLiNG FR0m HiGH PLaces
18. DReameD 0F BeiNG iN a FiLTHY PLaces, Des0LaTe Like T0iLeT
19. HeaRD 0F sumTiN' caLLiNG wiT GR0ss DuRiNG sLeeP
20. FeLT sumTiN' was sNaP aT D FeeT wHiLe sLeePiNG
21. BRuisiNG 0N D B0DY wiT N0 Reas0N
22. BaBies D0 N0T sT0P cRYiNG wiTH0uT Reas0N..

iF u G0T aLL TH0se siGNs, u sH0uLD PLaY D BeauTiFuL ReciTaTi0N 0F suRaH's N aYaT 2 B useD iN RuQYaH (QuR'aNic HeaLiNG). 

To cure black magic the following verses from the Qur'aan should be recited: on water, some of which is drank and the rest is used to take a bath. verse Al-Kursi (2:255), surah Al-Kafiroon (109), surah 112, 113, 114 ; the verses which mention magic, which are: in surah Al-Baqarah (2:102 ), Al-A'raaf (3:117-119), Yunus (10:79-82), and Taha (20:65-69). Among the du'aa's which have been narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) to treat diseases such as sihr and other things is the ruqyah by means of which he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to treat his companions: “ Allaahumma Rabb an-naas, adhhib il-ba's, washfi anta al-Shaafi laa shifaa'a illa shifaa'uka shifaa'an laa yughaadir saqaman (O Allaah, Lord of mankind, remove the harm and heal him, for You are the Healer and there is no healing except Your healing, with a healing which does not leave any disease behind) .” 

THiNGs sH0uLD D0 wHN u LisTeNiNG 2 D aYaT RuQYaH:
-LisTeN wiT cL0seD eYes
-LisTeN wiTH0uT ReaD D aLL 0F D veRse eveN usiNG uR HeaRT
-D0 N0T TaLks
-0PeN iT 3 Times PeR DaY
-PLaY iT L0uD


cLick THs vDe0 2 LisTeN: 

(PLs TuRN 0FF ma mixP0D PLaYLisT BeL0w ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

sick wiT u.. iNsPiReD FR0m sTick wiT u PcD

i Juz waNNa G0 aN0THeR DaY
s0 i'm TeLLiNG u exacTLY waT is 0N ma miND
seems Like eveRYB0DY is makiNG uP
N GiviNGTHeiR L0ve awaY
BuT i N0w i G0T a GuD THiNG RiTe HeRe
DaTs Y i saY

N0B0DY G0NNa vex me BeTTeR, i musT sick wiT u 4eveR
N0B0DY G0NNa make me aNGeR, i musT sick wiT u
u N0w H0w 2 BeG 4 m0NeY, i musT sick wiT u, 0wH DumBY
N0B0DY eveR maDe me FeeL THs waY, i musT sick wiT u

i Juz waNNa G0 aN0THeR DaY
s0 i'm TeLLiNG u exacTLY waT is 0N ma miND
see D waY i'm RiDe, iN ma PRivaTe Lives
aiN'T N0B0DY GeTTiN' iN BeTweeN
i waNT u 2 N0e DaT uR N0T 0NLY 1 4 me

N N0w, s0 mucH THiNG eLse i caN NeeD
N N0w, i'm siNGiNG cz uR s0 aNN0YiNG me
i G0T u, i'LL B makiNG HaTe eNDLessLY
i'D DumP u
sTuPiD i'D DumP u

s0 DuN cHa w0RRY B0uT
H0Pe THeY wiLL BRiNGiNG u D0wN
i N0e u, u DuN N0e me
N DaTs aLL DaT c0uNTs
N DaTs, DaT waT i saY..

Thursday, March 10, 2011


N0w i caN see D maJ0RiTY 0F TeacHeR D0esN'T maTTeR FR0m kiNDeRGaRTeN T0 PR0Fess0R, 0R eveN DRiviNG TeacHeR! aLwaYs TauGHT THeiR suBJecT 2 us Like iTs s0RT 0F 2 HaRD..BuT aT D eND, aFTeR D sTuDeNTs Have weLL uNDeRsT0oD, aPPaReNTLY iTs N0T DaT F@#$%^G HaRD..! Y?
THs is aLwaYs HaPPeNeD 2 me.. Y DuN THeY Juz make iT simPLe s0 DaT we D0 N0T L0ok Like sTuPiD..? RememBeR..!  
we R sTuDeNT, N0T sTuPiD.. 
caN u PLs sTuDY BY uRseLF 2 simPLiFY D waY 0F ReaL TeacHiNG skiLLs B4 u TeacH uR sTuDeNTs..DuN B Like 
"a cRaB TeacHiNG iTs kiD waLkiNG" 
Hak3..! iTs s0uNDs suck..! weLL i'm RiTe.. is iT? iF u N0T TauGHT iT RiTe, u make us DeviaTeD..! 
eRm.. i'm s0RRY iF i'm wR0NG..i'm Juz saiD iTs "maJ0RiTY" N0T aLL.. 4 TH0se FeeLs Like THeY N0T BeL0NG iN "THeiR" TYPe, N i'm saY "Yes", Yes..! c0NGRaTuLaTe 4 aLL 0F u 2 make me G0T aN A 4 uR suBJecT..TaNx TeacHeR..!! (iNcLuDe ma PaReNTs..THeiR D BesT)
0k..! RememBeR me..! DuN DRiNk N DRive, BewaRe 0F D0G  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

miD TeRm exam..

i'm Bk..
FR0m 28/2 N 3/3 
iTs exam m0oD 0k..!
PLs DuN RuiN ma muD..Huuu
i H0Pe Ya'LL PRaY 4 ma examiNaTi0n..
PRaY 4 ma success..
N 2DaY, i waNNa Giv m0LLY HeR PaRTNeR..
H0Pe sHe'L B FiNe wiT Him..
Luv HeR s0o0 musH as i Luv ma LaTe m0m0..
aGaiN, PRaY 4 me 0k..! Like ma LaBeLs sH0wN BeL0w,
نصلي من أجل لي وسوف نصلي من أجلك 
u N0e waT iTs meaN?
"PRaY 4 me N i'LL PRaY 4 u"
Da Daaaaaa..!